PeerTube instance running, video playback won't start

Hello everyone. I’ve installed PeerTube on Ubuntu using the guide at Everything appears to be running, I’ve gone through all of the server configuration, created an account, and uploaded my first video. When I go to start playback, I see one peer and playback never starts.

Looking at the tail of peertube/storage/logs/peertube.log, I’m not seeing any errors / failed connects / etc.

Please advise how to debug from here, thanks!

Update: I can download the torrent for the video, open in Bittorrent and confirm that it doesn’t seem to seed. Direct download works.

Are they any log in your browser console? Any network activity?
Check your Nginx configuration, and try to reload the nginx service.

Thanks, jeez, it was really that simple! :slight_smile:

That is to say, restarting it worked. :smiley:

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