Peertube plugin written in Typescript?

Has someone a skeleton for a Peertube plugin written in Typescript?

Is there a way to have Peertube’s declaration files? (for RegisterHook, PeertubeHelper, …)


No sorry not yet.

Hey @JohnLivingston you might be interested in following this issue :

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Oh, I forgot to mention here that I have made some progress on that question!
I will answer on the issue tracker.

I have answered on the tracker.
I can give you the procedure I used to modify the quickstart plugin to enable typescript. I have it in a mail (its in french).

I can’t find the procedure.
You can check commits that I made on this branch Commits · JohnXLivingston/peertube-plugin-livechat · GitHub on April 7th 2021.
I made separate commits for every task:

At the end, there was some little mistakes that I fixed later on another branch. But you should be able to use this work if needed :slight_smile: