Plugin auth-openid-connect and miniOrange

miniOrange OAuth 2.0 Server/Provider I just installed this plugin, in the hope I could use that to create a seamless login between Wordpress and Peertube… but the wheels fell of. I have no idea where to start.

Essentially what I want is, that a Wordpress user logs in, and from there can use his/her login credentials to login to peertube. I was hoping the combination of miniOrange and auth-openid-connect would work…

So the question is:
What do I enter in the peertube plugin, or where can I read up on it…

Thanks in advance as I am a noob with this stuff.

Hello there!
Have you found out, what is needed to be filled in fields « Role property » and « Group property »?


If you don’t want to set the peertube user role from openid, you can keep Role empty. It’s the same for Group property if you don’t use Allowed group

Thanks for quick reply!
Still don’t understand, what requires in this fields.
For example, I have three groups in AD:
peertube-admins; peertube-moderators; peertube-users

this groups must be filled in field « Allowed group » (am I right?) for restricting non-members of this groups

Assosiated roles for this groups must be values: 0 (Administrator), 1 (Moderator), 2 (User)?

I will be very grateful for giving example of configuring this plugin.