Regererating and/or refetching thumbnails

A while ago I ran into a problem that I had run out of drive space on my instance which lead me to add a new volume on, and in the process of moving the old data to the new volume, I screwed up and deleted the thumbnails and avatars. For what is local, I’d like to regenerate those thumbnails, though re-creating them might not be all that difficult as there’s not that many, and I think I have the videos on my machine here. Ideally I would prefer to run something on the instance that would do that.

For remote videos, I’d like to fetch the thumbnails that the remote instance is using. And this feels like it would have to be something where I’d run something on my instance.

For the local videos, it seems there is a command, but I’m not sure if my use case is just not what is meant to be handled (no thumbnail files), but it fails with a .jpg file not found error.

I wish I could better express what I’m doing and what I’ve tried. I feel I’m not sure I could answer this, even if I did go through this.

Thank you for your time.