Rtl layaout

hi how we can change the defult language of server instance and turn in to rtl layaout . i cant find any documentaion for this . tnx for your moment


Using an RTL language on PeerTube (ar for example) should automatically change the layout. It does not work on your instance?

Hi . In user side I can change the language , but in server side I dont know how I can change it for overall instance special for persian language . I translate in the way that instruction sayes but the persian isn’t in the list of language’s in user side . Tanks for your help

Okay thanks I understand.

I added fa locale support in https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/commit/55f0a7a76249dda79d2815bd5c1d81ccd8bc7002

It will be available on https://peertube2.cpy.re/ in ~24hours :slight_smile:

Tanks a lot . I most try it

hi i update my server using this two command in instruction
$ cd /var/www/peertube/peertube-latest/scripts && sudo -H -u peertube ./upgrade.sh
$ sudo systemctl restart peertube # Or use your OS command to restart PeerTube if you don’t use systemd
but nothing happened and persian dosent appear . if i most do anything else . please give me the instruction url . tnx

We have not released a PeerTube version that contain persian yet. You’ll have to install/update PeerTube using nightly builds manually: Index of /nightly/

but my installed version of peertube is 4.1.0 thats the latest version . on this manner i havent persian in usable languages for users .

@mohamadrv , the modification won’t be available before the release of the version 4.2.0 (maybe in 2 or 3 months?).
If you want it before, the simpliest way is to download and install a nighly version (that means: a version build from the code as it was yesterday).

Got it . I most try it tonight . Tanks a lot

Hi . I install the nightly version . But when I try to change the ui language to Persian , a white page appears and nothing to do . The site url is fiscalhub.ir

I’m sorry . In the Android phone it’s not compatible like English version . A long scroll shows in the page and we most scroll it . How we can fix it

What web browser are you using?

Im using google chrome

Okay thanks, I reproduced the bug.

It’s due to issues in translated strings. You can see all of them on PeerTube/angular — Persan @ Weblate: Your report will be sent to moderators of <x id="INTERPOLATION"/><x …

XML tags should be exactly the same as in the source. Clicking on the tag in source field on weblate automatically copies it in the translated field.

i want to fully costumize special in ui that other Contributrs dosent need it T and it may have trubles for them . if i can create a seprate gitpot instance for developing .

I’m sorry but I don’t understand

I want to edit some things like css code and logo. Is it possible to have a seprate develop environment?

Yes but you can also use the plugin/theme API of PeerTube: PeerTube documentation