Some questions about Framinetest

Bonjour ! Je ne parle pas francais, désolé. I hope that’s okay!

I’m interested in finding out more about the Framinetest project.

  1. What is it? A modded server?
  2. What does it aim to teach?
  3. What are its features?
  4. Has it been used in class? What were the responses?
  5. Is the software behind it open source? The source links just go to
  6. Who are the key people?

I’m trying to build some resources around using Minetest for education. It would awesome to get different educators sharing their experiences and lesson plans. I suggest updating the Framinetest page to address some of these questions, and to inform what the project actually is about :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time!

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About point 5, look at the LICENSE.txt file within the git repository. You’ll see all the necessary.

I poke @Sangokuss, @samtux. They might tell you more about the other questions.



Here are some explanatory educational resources on my website:


@Sangokuss : is it possible to translate your text ? Because if @rubenwardy is not speaking french, I really think he’s not reading it either ;o)

I saw this on twitter, however whenever I try to connect I just time out or get connection refused

Google translate is quite a big help in comprehending foreign languages

I’m a core developer of Minetest, so I do know what the license is :slight_smile: I was more wondering if there was more to it than a vanilla Minetest server

I saw this on twitter, however whenever I try to connect I just time out or get connection refused

Here’s an archive from :

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This was quite interesting to read! The erosion mechanics there was the sort of thing I meant when I asked whether software behind it is open source, and what features it has.

One of the main reasons I’ve created this thread is because I’d like to collect a list of resources and also showcase some projects on the Minetest website. Framinetest could be a good candidate for this, but there’s so little material on the website about what it’s actually about.

yes, a buildind modded server .

the collaboration

it is modded and we are always happy

yes, for the reponse i don’t know…

yes, it’s for that we don’t use minecraft

the admin is @Sangokuss and @Powi
the moderator is me @Thi3rry, @AugTop peha and more…

the server is closed for the update to the 5.0.1, you need to wait september for play :slight_smile: