Subscribing to remote channel only not entire instance

I have recently set up my own single user instance of peertube thanks to the very kind people behind yunohost. Thank you for sharing such an important project with all of us:)

I would like very much to use my instance as a hub to follow specific creators from different instances (aggregate). However, I’m unsure how I can subscribe/follow these users only and not the entire instance.

It seems as though it’s possible since I’ve seen other single-instances doing this behaviour.


Following accounts/channels by your PeerTube instance is not supported yet.

You would know, hmmm. I wonder how this user seemed to do it without following the entire instance.

Thanks for all your work:)

As a user, you can subscribe to individual channels on other instances.
To do so, you can for example paste the original url in the search field of your instance. You can then comment, like or subscribe.
Another way is by enabling the global search in peertube 2.3.0.

Thanks, but can I assume that both my single-instance and the other user’s instance mush be part of the public list for this to work as a user?

I’ve also tried enabling « global search » on my instance which is 2.3.0 but it’s not able to find anything either. Should I also have a service index URL? I’m not even sure what that is.

I haven’t enabled automatically following Public index either

When I attempt to use Global Search I receive « search index unavailable try local »

Yes, if you don’t set a search index URL, it won’t work.

Why don’t we set a default search index ? Because, as your first screenshot shows… « you should only use moderated search indexes in production, or host your own ». Search indexes gather videos from multiples instances, potentially of other tastes than your own, so it broadens the reach at the cost of lessening your control of what the user will be able to see: i.e. instances with distasteful content…

The goal is for admins to gather with like-minded instance admin and setup a search index for them to share and use together.

Sorry, are these the official search indexes?

So if I input one of these I then have the ability to search globally?

okay, I used and it works. Thanks!

It an official test index, to allow testing the feature.

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