Testing new server, uploads don't reflect until restart?

Hi again. I have my instance running, I uploaded a handful of videos from the web interface but they weren’t playing back. A simple restart fixed that.

Now I’ve uploaded several more videos (again using the web interface), and noticed that none were showing up nor were the PeerTube notifications reflecting the uploads.

A restart fixed it, the second group of uploaded files is now visible.

What have I misconfigured to end up in this state?

Update: It seems that some of the missing videos are listed as “transcoding”. I’m just getting used to the UX of this thing.

If the original video file is not compatible with web browsers, you have to wait for the transcoding before the video is listed.
In the other case, there is a checkbox at the end of the upload form, that let you choose if you want to wait for transcoding before listing the video on your instance.

Yes, understood. not sure how this is implemented under the hood, I uploaded 3 videos and when I ssh’ed in and checked top, I had an ffmpeg task running for over an hour. When it finished, I got all of the notifications for the transcoding finished simultaneously.