Unable to stream

Hi all,

It appears I’m unable to stream and I’m having trouble to pinpoint why.

I’m running PeerTube 3.0.1 and normally my pipeline is from OBS to third party service castr.io to diverse platforms (YouTube, Facebook, …). From OBS to castr.io it works as expected (the stream enters the castr.io dashboard) but the stream on my PeerTube instance never starts (I waited several minutes).

Setting it up from OBS 26 on my Windows unit directly to PeerTube -> Same issue.
Setting it up from OBS 25 on my Linux unit to PeerTube -> Same issue.

The server logs don’t really tell me a lot.
OBS, when directly streaming directly to PeerTube and on both units, time out after a while, saying it can’t connect to the server.

I’ve tried setting up the stream several times and diligently copied the new live stream key every time.

So, I’m at a loss?

Did you open the port 1935 on your server’s firewall?

Ah yes, I forgot to mention that. I disabled ufw to rule out any firewall issues.

Is your instance tube.linkse.media ? (I found this url in another of your messages).
If I try telnet tube.linkse.media 1935, there is no response. It seems that nothing is listening on port 1935. Have you correctly shutdown ufw? Are you sure that there is no active iptable/nftable rules?
When you restart peertube, can you see the log line that says Peertube is listening on port 1935?
Have you changed the default RTMP port in Peertube’s configuration?

According to the about page, there can only be one simultaneous live. Are you alone on this server?

Hmm, I’ll doublecheck in a bit if the port is open then. And yes, I’m alone on this server. You got the correct url :slight_smile:

The issue was indeed related to the Google Cloud Platform, my host, having extra firewall rules outside the VPS… So, issue almost resolved. I now just need to find out the ip ranges used by castr.io in order to succesfully add a firewall rule to allow them to go through, but that’s not related to PeerTube :sweat_smile:

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