Using Peertube without peering

Hi there,
I am from a small climate activist group called haccers against climate change.
We are currently using voctoweb as a platform for our recordings (
I stumbled upon peertube and it seems to solve some problems for us but some new ones would be opened.
We dond’t need and don’t want the peering, especially between the users of the platform.
Is there a way to use the service like any « old » one eg. no peering, just serving and receiving from one server/cdn?

I know it kind of defeats the purpose auf peertube, but we’re not that much into pering stuff and handling all the legal consequences :see_no_evil:

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I think it defeats also the purpose of « fighting against climate change » because peering is used to help reduce the weight on your server by sharing the video being watched across all viewers.

Maybe what you don’t want is the ActivityPub part (social networking and all that stuff) ?

I don’t want to start a discussion about what is good or bad for the climate and I don’t want to start a discussion without real sources and scientific evidence.

Yes, I also want to disable the ActivityPub part, but additionally I don’t want the viewers to peer data between each other.

I think I found the option in the config file and I will try that out:

Thanks for any additional help an suggestions on this topic

No problem, I was just trying to help about what you wanted or not (because lot of people don’t know exactly the differences between peering and ActivityPub and all those stuff :wink: ).

did it work? We need to switch off peering, too for data protection reasons (says my data protection officers)

It should work as what you want is exactly what the config file comment says.