Using the hls stream

Hi all.

Is there a way that I can grab the HLS stream instead of using the front end.


  1. Live stream, is always the same stream, as in the RTMP key
  2. OBS is used to stream to the Peertube instance.

Use the HLS stream to display on webpage.



Yes: use the API to get HLS stream URL:{id}/get

Actually, I was more after the directory where the streams would be saved. I use the same stream for all feeds as it is an always live feed…

I have not been able to get the api working… my bad… just a noob at these kind of things.


=== edit -====
got it working
now I am trying to find if there is any caching happening on the peertube… the feed does not seem to refresh in the screen I display…

Or if it is possible to delete the hls output after the stream is finished.
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