Using Wasabi as S3 Storage

I have a peertube instance and want to add Wasabi Storage to increase storage size.

I found this instructions but not sure if I understand how to use it correctly.

Do I need to call this mount with root?
If I call this mount --bind... from non-peertube account the folders will be under that user and not peertube which means peertube will not be able to access them
Should I do this after each reboot (cronjob) ?

The instructions are bit confusing for me, if someone will elaborate a bit would be helpful

yes, bind mounts need to be run as root.

If root is not available, you can try to hack your way with s3fs multiple mounts (not recommended).

You can follow the Support S3 storage to store videos · Issue #3661 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub issue which might (at some point) turn into functionality that removes the need for a s3fs mount point for peertube.