Video Player - Loop functionality - Peertube 3.0.1

Hello all,

I have installed successfully Peertube 3.0.1 on a Raspberry Pi 4. I found this software great and very reactive.

I have just a question about a video player functionality that I’m missing: the « loop video » feature.

The issue is the following: if I right-click on the video itself I do no find the « Loop » option. Even the Autoplay feature does not work as expected: it does only go to the next video but it does not « autoplay » the play…I need to manually push the play button.

I have also found that using the Share video functionality there is, in the More customizations section, the Loop option that actually appends the ?loop=1 to the video URL, if I use this kind of URL the loop functionality works as expected.

Am I missing something to enable the Loop video feature on Peertube or is it something that will be fixed/implemented on a future release?

However, good work and great software. :slight_smile:

No, this is not planned yet. Please open a feature request :slight_smile:

We have 3 kinds of autoplay: autoplay, autoplay next, and autoplay next for playlists. All 3 are independent, and judging by your description you are referring to the « autoplay next » which automatically plays the next video. To just « autoplay » a video, you should go in your user settings, in the video section, where the first two options are detailed:

Hello rigelk,

yes, those two options are enabled in my instance (private) of Peertube, but it does not « autoplay » the next video, it just refresh the page and go to the next video, it does not start the video automatically (I need to push manually the Play button on the video).

EDIT: just found the Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers disable by default the Autoplay feature. So, this is solved. :slight_smile:

The additional (and main) thing I’m trying to achieve is the « Loop » functionality you find, usually, on Youtube while right-clicking on a video and selecting the « Loop » option: this let to just do a « Repeat-1 » of the video (looping the same video after it finishes).

P.S. how to submit a « feature request »?

You can submit a feature request on GitHub:

Ok, feature request submitted: