What's meaning "Waiting for transcoding"?

Good morning, some time ago I had created a PeerTube account where I posted a series of videos. Then for a while I didn’t log in. today I logged back in to see how they went and saw the « Waiting for transcoding » notification and the videos not in the channel. why?
Thanks in advance, and that being practically new to the platform I don’t know what it means

On which copy did you post the video?
Most likely, there is weak hardware on this instance and the server does not have time to process the video. Your video processing may also have failed. You can write a message to the server administrator via the « Contact the administrator » button

I honestly don’t know where I can see the copy

Have you fixed this already? My friend (who is also new to peertube) encounters the same problem. Can you please let us know how did you solve this or do we need to upload just one thing at a time to avoid this?

No, I couldn’t solve

I suggest to contact your peertube administrator to ask why your video is still in waiting for transcoding state

I’ve already written to them but they haven’t replied yet