Where is the "setup & getting started" and the "minimal requirements for selected scenarios"?


My Background: I do have developed a digital workspace suite for doing scrum in a locally distributed team-setup - based on LAMP, testautomation with Selenium Webdriver Python pytest following the Page-Object-Model design pattern, App is running via docker / docker-compose…

… and if you read the README.MD, you simply know what to do and what you need to do so. A short version for those who know how to setaup a Server / VPS - and a longer one, describing step-by-step what to do and what do modify (copy from where to where)…

------------------ below, I am starting to list the sources of information where I could find what I need or might need (1.June 2021): ------

  1. start at:
    github_com - Chocobozzz - PeerTube (sorry, no links allowed for me yet…)

  2. guiding me to:
    github_com - Chocobozzz - PeerTube/blob/develop/support/doc/production.md (sorry, no links allowed for me yet…)

  3. and to the requirements:
    joinpeertube_org - en_US/faq#should-i-have-a-big-server-to-run-peertube (sorry, no links allowed for me yet…)

With the following points (and lots of info about the context -well done!):

  • « PeerTube should run happily on a virtual machine with 2 threads/vCPUs, at least 1 Gb of RAM and enough storage for videos. »

  • As a real life example, the PeerTube demonstration server https://peertube.cpy.re runs on 2 vCores and 2GB of RAM

  • the installation-guide is here: PeerTube documentation

… 2 be continued with my step-by-step installation & setting-up guide …

Feel free to add or link your own ( I will use Ubuntu and a VPS - I could just figure one out offering 4 virtual cores & 8 GB RAM for 4,99 € /month - no bandwith limits!)

So far I’ve run into the fewest hiccups with ubuntu 20.
If you run into ffmpeg issues I find option 2 here the most reliable:

A couple of the VPS I setup had a default apache running that blocked certbot until I uninstalled it.