Zuckerpunch: importing events from Facebook

Hi all,
I have been watching this platform with some interest, and recently have seen (and installed for testing) a browser addon called zuckerpunch: https://zuckerpunch.github.io/

I just thought I should put this here in case you have not seen it. I am not a coder, but wondered if this was something that might ease the pain of transitioning people away from FB. I am aware that in most cases it takes 12months or more to get the network effect and it becomes second nature for people to use a certain thing.

Many thanks.


Yes, automation for importing events from fb is very welcome for mobilizon unfacebookize events !!!


I’d also love to see this!

Thank you for sharing - but link seems broken?

I’ve just posted about a telegram bot which enables to « re-share » a facebook event on Mobilizon. The user has to key in the date and place manually, but it saves efforts by fetching the link, picture, title and description automatically :