I am a student (and practitioner) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This choice is the result of a personal progression influenced by my own nature, my experiences and the observation of my environment. It meets a logic to develop nature building on nurtures and to give sense...

This project has been chronologically fed by:

My professional experience put in relief some human, organizational, educational and technical (conceptual and implementation) skills, consistent with this project.
This enabled to refine this quest of sense on the base of observations on the field and on the base of deep thoughts.
This marked the evidence about the individual responsibility notion on your own health and on the one of your environment: "To treat humans before wanting to treat the planet... and to begin by oneself..."

My main concern (worry) is about the industrialization of processes acting on nature and humans, mainly for productivity, excessive gathering and profit motivations, on the whole of our society fields (education, agriculture, housing, energy...) and especially the one of the conventional medicine (and the vision about life):

I believe that the traditional medicines are adapted to meet these concerns and to enable humans to be in harmony with themselves, their environment and their own realizations.

Also, I believe that the framework is really important in any practice. This enables to make the practice consistent and efficient and to develop your experience without losing yourself ("square feet and a round head").
The TCM was based on fundamental theories tested and proved for 5000 years. This is an alive and opened tradition which treats more of a quarter of the worldwide population...