10friends: A Beginner-Friendly Install Guide for PeerTube

Hey everybody. I wanted to introduce a project I’m co-creating that’s related to PeerTube, called « 10friends ».

It’s a website including a set of beginner-friendly install guides for Fediverse software, and PeerTube is one of the programs we want to introduce. We’ve already got a wiki up, and the PeerTube guide is here:

It’s largely based on the Production install guide on Github, just elaborated on to make it more accessible to newbies. Naturally, we’re linking to the official docs page as a primary document, so we’re only making a « For Dummies » style tutorial before steering people back towards official documentation.

We wanted to let all of you know about our project, but also to invite anybody to check our guide for mistakes or accidental misrepresentations. Any other contributions to it are welcome as well.

If anybody wants to get in touch with us, we have our own Matrix server and other contact details listed here, so feel free to reach out to us anytime:



Also, if you’re interested in reading up more about our project and our overall goals, our Founding Document and FAQ are available here:

Thanks again

A pitty the links on your site don’t work. I was looking for a detailed installation guide.

Yes, we had an unfortunate database problem that put us out of commission for a while. We’ve just put it back into commission recently, though, so the wiki has instructions available now.