A few questions about peertube

First of I love the idea of PeerTube. I’ve been impressed by it’s development since I discovered it in May, last year.

I just have a few questions about it mainly as a viewer, not a content creator.

If I open PeerTube app, will all the videos from every different server appear? As a viewer, can I just open the app/website and see every video available, similar to YouTube?

My second question, which seems unclear, is what is the actual PeerTube website? Is it framatube.com? Is there an issue with PeerTube.com?

Another question I have is, do I have to have an account to watch videos and how do I make one? How do I choose a username?

I’m sorry for the spew of questions, but I can’t seem to find answers for them. Thanks to everyone including the developers in advance.

hi @BastiColler,

No. Only the video of the instance you are visiting, and the ones on instances that are followed by it.

The project lies at joinpeertube.org, but there is no one gateway or instance representing the network. Each server running PeerTube has its own view, more or less complete depending on the instances they follow.



The difference between Peertube and other services like youtube, is that Peertube is decentralized and federated.
There is not only one Peertube, they are hundreds instances.
Each instance can choose to «federate» or not with some/all others. When an instance «follow» another, it means that you will be able to find the videos of the second one on this instance.

Some instances try to federate with all others. On these instances, you will be able to find all videos, like on youtube for example.
Other instances are thematic, or standalone.

More explanations here: JoinPeerTube (read the entire page to get a better view of what is Peertube).

issue got solvedd!!

@BastiColler please don’t add unrelated link to your quote.