Ability to change ownership of Channel (and playlist too)

I’m testing the ability to change ownership of a video.

Why isn’t the same option available for Channel and Playlist ?
For the Channel, I’v seen in the log that every channel is linked to his owner, so changing this should be possible (in the same way that the video ownership are managed);

audit[19/01/2022, 15:55:37]

« channel-ownerAccount-id »: 6,
« channel-ownerAccount-name »: « user1 »

Please correct me if you think this isn’t a good idea :wink:
Best regards, Eric

Hi, just re-opening this subject.
In my (maybe specific) use of Peertube, I would see a lot of benefits to be able to :

  1. change the ownership of a channel from a user to another (change only allowed because I’m an administrator, or for normal user through a similar process that the one to « give » ownership of my own video).

  2. change the parent channel of a playlist (with all the videos inside following the transfer).

Is that a too specific need regarding the majority of Peertube’s users, or do it sound usefull to other people ?

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For me it sounds usefull, yes. And we are not the only ones :slight_smile: :

And another related need: sharing ownership of a channel:

Hi @JohnLivingston , and thank you to point all this issues. Shame on me to not find them by myself :wink:
Best regards. Eric