About bandwidth for live streaming

Hello there,

I´m trying to run my own instance for live streaming events. We can gather more than 2k concurrent users. Currently we are hosting the instance in a server with 5TB bandwidth, but a single live event of 2 hours where let´s say only half of the users watch the full live event, will consume 2TB bandwidth, so we will have only 3TB remaining for the whole month.

Anyone has figure out how to solve this bandwidth issue? Thanks…


Some providers don’t limit bandwidth usage. Some other ones include more traffic likle 20TB (https://www.hetzner.com/cloud).

Awesome thanks, I´ll have a look.

How important is latency for your use case? The livestream P2P in PeerTube can result in a significant reduction in bandwidth usage in exchange for increased latency.

Small latency is important for live chat, since with a small latency, the broadcaster can interact better with the audience.