Add links to Menu

Hello all,
I’ve been looking for a plugin and or code that adds on the left side for a while.The links should only display certain video categories.
I use a plugin Castgarden to change the design of my instance, I tried to use the javascript code from GitHub from the user Nalem14, it worked and is also exactly what I’m looking for.
Only it is overwritten as soon as I minimize the menu box at the top left and expand again, so that the links suddenly disappear, but are displayed again on a refresh of the page.
I tried to add the JavaScript code to the plugin in the /client directory in the file « common-client-plugin.js », unfortunately this did not work.

Do you have any idea how I can still add links with my plugin?

Thanks in advance for your help. :pray:


You can use the plugin hook filter:left-menu.links.create.result to easily update menu links.
To create a plugin, check the guide :slight_smile: Plugins & Themes | PeerTube documentation

I have no experience at all with pogramming, have now the days times it tried with the documentation. I will have to keep trying. If it works, I will of course share it here.
if someone here has made it, I would be happy if the code will be shared.