Adding Javascript code to PeerTube

Dear All Friends

Do you know how/where to add custom JavaScript code to PeerTube ?

I have tested to place on the Configuration/Advanced/Customization/Javascript and it’s not working well.

Could you help me ?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Anyone could answer this?

What do you mean by « it’s not working »?

A common mistake when doing so is to call your javascript to early, when the DOM in not initialized.

If you speak french, this topic was discussed here: Aide sur JS block dans configuration avancee

Depending of what you try to achieve, it could be simplier to develop a plugin:

When you develop a plugin, you have serveral helper function, so you can be sure your javascript is called at the right time.

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Thank you very much John for your answer.
I’ll try learn this first before back to you again (if you don’t mind).

I’ll using google translate to learn it :slight_smile: