Allow Signup and user permissions

I’m looking for to allow signup but with a user allowed to only comment, chat and thumb up, nothing else.
I tried all options but unfortunately when I disable all the functions linked to upload/synchronize movie, it’s also disable the administrator user channel.
So question: is it possible to allow signup with a user with only comment/chat/thumb up permissions while the user with administrator level still can use all the functions?


Set the default quota to 0, should do what you want.

but it will also affect the administrator user channel no?

mmhmm, seems to work when you set to 0 custom quota, but not when you set to « no upload possible » directly… :-
More, one set to 0 and update the configuration, it shows « no upload possible » rather than « 0 ». which confuse the whole logic…

Note sure to understand

This is the default quota for new users. Then you can override user per user.

Here is what i meant:

First, go to Administration > Configuration > Basic (url /admin/config/edit-custom#basic-configuration).
Search Default video quota per user, and set to None:

This will apply to new users, and new users only.
If you have already users on your instance, you will need to set this user per user (if you have many, you can try automate this by using the Web API).

Then, you can edit, user per user, the quota.
Go to Administration > Overview > Users (url /admin/users/list).
You can sort users by quota if needed, by clicking on the column.

To change the quota for a user, click on the button, and select edit, then edit the quota:

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Thanks for your explanation!

when I set to « none - upload not possible » directly rather than custom → « 0 »
even the administrator user cannot upload.
when I set to custom → « 0 », administrator user is not affected by the restriction.

Note sure to understand