Any recommendations for VPS hosting?

Hello, I currently have my own VPs server at IONOS, but if my website catches on my IONOS wouldn’t be enough. I searched a lot for good VPS servers but all of them get so expensive because of ram and CPU. That’s why I would like to know what VPs hoster you use, and how the pricing is. My plann is if I run out of space that I 1. If possible just upgrade the server ( space only ) or 2. Just buy a new server and connect both instances

Also… The bandwidth should be high. My current one is only 400mbits. And there is no option to improve that :expressionless:

Some of my contacts are on Contabo🥇Cloud VPS & Dedicated Servers for a price you'll love

Work fine and not expensive for small size.

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I got 2 TB for just under 30 bucks with way better specs then my Maschine. Thanks for recommending me this this is great!! I wounder what the catch is :joy: