API examples, please?

I have been reading about the GraphQL api, but I am not understanding anything I read.

Are there any simple examples of what I need to post to what url to, say, add a new user? Or a new group?

Is that even possible?

Hi @nikki,

What have you tried yet ? Which language ?

I’ve written a guide about using the Mobilizon GraphQL API, some time ago. Have a look and tell if it is useful : https://framagit.org/framasoft/mobilizon/uploads/d3d4dab341792210422fc1664730ba8d/mobilizon-api-documentation-v0.3.pdf

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this is great introduction document. Thanks to document I now know how to add a picture via media_id(!)
for future struggles, how I can find in the Playground of GraphQL that I have to use media_id in stead of id as id is shown in the reference on the Playground?

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