Ask: Peertube starting best practices config

Hi All,
sorry hope you dont mind to advice me regarding below questions:

  • May i know the importance & perhaps some documentation example for set the « terms compliance » in our Peertube instance ? Let say when we set the terms are by community policy the users i believe the users who access our Peertube should follow it isnt ?
  • how usually you monitor wrong activities i mean the activities which against based on your Peertube instance terms ?
  • Regarding permissions files / directory at this moment i only set directory peertube for 0750 which i add www-data user into peertube group and for the files mostsly 0755 i believe, are there any config should i aware regarding file permission as i try to make it more harden
  • For redis config in Peertube, do you think it safe to disable these kind like commands (flushdb, flushall, keys, pexpire, del, config, shutdown)

Many thanks & appreciate any thoughts you can share