Audio Only Download - appearing intermittently

Sometimes a VOD audio-only download option appears, sometimes it doesn’t. Why?

Even without changing Peertube settings, sometimes the same channel on the same instance doesn’t offer an audio for download, even if you are the creator.

What might be creating this problem? How can it be fixed?

It is great that Peertube offers an audio-only option for VOD (Video On Demand). (You can find this option under a video if you tap the … button, go to downloads, there should be an audio only option there, if there was audio only selected for VOD transcoding by the video creator.)

This is due to historical reason: the video file format changed. More information here: Web Video transcoding or HLS transcoding.

The new HLS format does not support audio-only for now. But this is on the 2024 roadmap.

The difference you notice is probably between old and more recent files.

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Is there any ETA for audio only downloads on HLS streams this year, for example, first quarter?

I suppose 140p will have to substitute for audio-only till then. Is there any explanation for it is available sometimes but not others?

I don’t know (i’m not part of the core team). The roadmap is here: Mobile App, redesign, new dev, promotion... let’s build a bright future for PeerTube! | JoinPeerTube

As i said: i assume it is available for the old files, which were created with the previous format.
If you have administrators access to your Peertube instance, you can check file format using the /admin/videos/list page:

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Thank you. This is the case. When audio-only download is also available for an option, the file formats listed are HLS and Web Videos, whereas when no audio-only download is available, only HLS is available.