Automated Mobilizon Installation


I recently found Mobilizon after I wanted to create a website similar to this for the state that I live in. It seemed like an idea someone must have implemented though and turns out there is!

Since I want to help this project prosper so that more people use this instead of apps such as IG to socialize in person I’ve made some ansible playbooks that can take a bare metal machine with ansible and build it up to a working mobilizon server in minutes. This also includes securing the machine, and general quality of life things such as auto updates and stuff.

The scripts functional as it is right now, but it can use a lot of improvement’s to make it better. If anyone can help me with this repository it would be greatly appreciated! I really think this can make setting up a mobilizon instance a lot more accessible, bringing down the barrier that software like this has.
GitHub - AvocadoMoon/MobilizonSetup: The IT scripts that will allow for anyone to spin up an instance of Mobilizon


Hi, I’m Emmanuel Katto from Uganda and I’m also looking for the same answer, can anyone help us??

I can’t help you with your script, but you might want to have a look to the YUNoHost project ( It’s some kind of OS that is made to host at home a lot of softwares on the same hardware. It deals with security, access, user accounts, DNS, main services like email… And Mobilizon is available and can be auto-installed on it. The main problem is that the YUNoHost version is not always up-to-date, because some time is needed to keep compatibility with other apps.

I wish I’ve known about this before this seems like such an amazing service. I’m already knee deep in this project though so I might as well finish it. Plus, it’ll be more versatile for people who don’t want the YUNOHost OS esq ecosystem.