AV1 encoded video and Peertube Livestream problem

We would like to encode video with AV1 in OBS and send that stream to Peertube.

Peertube doesn’t realize that a livestream has commenced. After the stream, there is a saved video, but it only has audio, no image.

If you switch to a different codec, e.g. h264, it works well.

We have tried using the various AV1 plugins, however they don’t seem to make any difference. The Peertube server doesn’t have AV1 hardware encoding.

Local recordings of the streams using AV1 work well with audio and video.

What could be the problem and how could it be fixed?

Unfortunately reading av1 metadata, required by PeerTube, is not supported by our RTMP library: https://github.com/illuspas/Node-Media-Server/blob/master/src/node_core_av.js#L470

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Thanks! I hope Peertube will support AV1 livestreaming soon. Are there any big obstacles to this?

You can ask on the repository because it’s out of my area of expertise :slight_smile:

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