Basic editing of videos (e.g trimming the 1st minute)


I find that lives with their recordings to be very convenient. It’s difficult to start right on time though so usually the first minute is mostly setting up, sound check, etc. Unfortunately it means the recording starts on a low note. It is possible to give the timing in the description but it’s not as professional.

I can go on the server and using ffmpeg trim the content but I’m not sure how to do this right. I wouldn’t want to mess some meta-data.

What is the recommended way to trim the beginning of a recording?

Now you can edit videos : PeerTube 4.2 Comes with In-Place Video Editing Capabilities with the 4.2.0 version

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Ohh, thanks, I was manually editing my vids with other app which is kind of a (little) hassle, I didnt know about this update.