Best VPS to choose online - bandwith and power

Hi, i tested our peertube instance on contabo VPS (4 core 8gb) but video player not going smooth, always rebuffer. Probably due network latency ? Can you suggest me a good VPS with decent price ? Every video it’s about 10k viewers at day. Thanks ! Luca

hi @lucacalcaterra,

Are you using HLS instance-wide? If your current setup relies only on WebTorrent, you might get some extra performance with HLS.

In order to decide what VPS to recommend, we first need to identify the bottleneck. For instance, are your viewers coming from a specific region of the world that might be badly peered with your server?

Another option might be to rent another VPS in addition to your current one, and make the latter mirror the former, effectively doubling your bandwidth while storing potentially only the most viewed videos.

99% of viewers resides in Italy, so i need to find a service with datacenter in Italy. Contabo is in Germany, probably the issue is this. But In Italy it’s harder to find hosting with similar price.
Ho much impact datacenter location ?

There is no rule for this, but Germany <-> Italy shouldn’t be too far apart.

Sadly I don’t know of any VPS provider in Italy either. You might be better off trying adding a mirror instance of PeerTube with your current VPS provider first, then check how much it lessens the load.

Another option is to reach out to other italian PeerTube instance admins/communities and ask them to help you by mirroring either specific videos or your entire instance.

We want to use Peertube as a single channel for our videos …It’s possible ? Or there are other solutions open source you can suggest me ? If i follow other instance, i need the same storage of parent server (i guess) ?

No, you can specify how much space you allocate to mirroring videos and that space will be automatically used to help serve videos that you either let your server select based on a specific predefined strategy, or selected manually. More info on and

You can certainly have a single account with one channel on your instance and close registrations.

Ok, i done some tests, seems to be ok.

Which bandwith do you suggest me to start when i choose server ? I don’t know the simultaneous viewers, but every video we uploaded on youtube has ~5k viewers


I cannot do an estimation without knowing peak and average simultaneous viewers ; if you don’t know, I suggest you try small and then upgrade as needed.

@lucacalcaterra note that you might also use a CDN to store and serve your video files via it, saving you the whole bandwidth. See

You are talking about CDN but the guide talk about S3 storage. But S3 is for storage, cdn services are other (like cloudfront for Amazon). In S3 i can store files but streaming upload and download remain always on my server…
And … what about costs for CDN ? I can’t calculate it in advance

It is more often than not used as a CDN, which the last part of the linked tutorial should make clear.

Can’t understand how data is distributed. The bottleneck is always your VPS , or not ?

Ah ok, i’m read « PeerTube supports streaming directly from an s3 public bucket ».
What does the last command ? ( ```
s3fs your-space-name /var/www/peertube/s3-storage -o url= -o allow_other -o use_path_request_style -o uid=1000 -o gid=1000)

I need only S3 service or other services as CDN ?

And … i can’t image costs of S3 storage for my need. How i should calc them ?

If you properly configure the rewrite in your reverse-proxy as shown in our Nginx config, no, the static files will be served directly by the CDN.

It mounts your public bucket as a fuse filesystem, effectively behaving like any local directory while it transparently transfers files on the bucket.

You only need one. But it has to be S3-compatible, like Minio, Wasabi or Glacier (it is not really limited to S3 or S3-compatible services, but in that case you need something else than s3fs to mount your bucket).

I don’t know, this question should be asked to the revelant support forums of your S3-compatible service provider of choice.

Ok , thanks for you explanations !
I’ve already ordered a dedicated server from contabo.

Another question (if i can…) … Docker vs BareMetal… what do you think ? There are significantly loss of performance or latency using Docker ? I’ve already installed it on a test server and seems ok but i like to know your opiniions . Thanks

There is not a significant loss of performance due to Docker, but our reverse-proxy configuration is way less complete for Docker (especially with regards to S3 and efficient file handling) and we can’t provide as much support on Docker, so I would strongly advise in favor of baremetal.

thanks ! I’ve installed baremetal

For manageability option i’m still reconsidering docker. Which missing part has nginx reverse proxy part jn docker stack ?

In the meantime I changed the docker-compose stack so that it provides a deployment using the same Nginx configuration (see, so you don’t have to change anything there, just follow the updated docker setup guide.

Ok thanks.

Unitl plan monthly renew we are going with kvm so still quite bare metal.

The issue now is the video resolution and file size. Users complain too big video file size and consequently our server saturated too much bandwith… We have only one channel dedicated and ask to video creator to reduce resolution to 720p (but video file size still too big)