Browser-based multi-player board and card games

Hey everyone,

I’m cross-posting a bit in the open-source community to get some opinions on the following topic:

It’s great that there is a lot of talk about open-source libre browser-based services, especially as an alternative to GAFAM. However, there is a minor gap in the current portfolio: browser-based games (or « game services »).

On there are very enthusiastic board gamers that try very hard to provide an open-source alternative to non-free services like boardgamearena, screentop or tabletopia (or an infinity of similar commercial browser-based solutions).

As I said, it’s a « minor gap », since it is not directly linked to GAFAM etc, but it’s still a world that is currently clearly dominated by non-free commercial services that often use a lot of (tracking) ads on their web sites. Yet FreeBoardGames is not covered by any of the lists out there, like, FramaSoft, Chatons and so on.

Did you ever think about this topic? Is there a way that we can join forces between the great and huge fediverse/anti-gafam community and the quite small team of FreeBoardGames devs?

I’m thinking about creating an account for FreeBoardGames on some Mastodon instance as a start, but will have to talk to other people in the FreeBoardGames community first.