Buffer spinner never goes away

So this happens randomly on any instance I visit. The video is playing fine with no stopping to buffer, but the progress circle in the middle of the video says there spinning and never goes away until the video is over.

I have bee seeing the same. I thought my internet connection is low. What could be causing this?

Does it continue to happen if you refresh the page?

I get some occasional glitches in the web client when viewing videos as well, such as if I’m skimming through a video sometimes it doesn’t load until I refresh.

Sadly it still happens when refreshing a page. As long as I’m still on that video it will show the spinner. What I have noticed, when I view the « Stats for nerds », it shows buffering at 16% nearly throughout the entire video. I have 500mps internet so I know it’s not speed issues.

What’s weird is that it only happens randomly on various videos. No matter the instance I’m viewing them from.

Maybe you can check the network tab in web browser developer tools to see what happens? (you can also paste a screen/share the HAR file)


I experience the same issue. Fresh installation of 5.2.0.
I tried to figure out what caused it, but it’s hard to reproduce. It happens at random. If you click another video then come back to the previous video, it sometimes fixes it. It seems to occur more on newly uploaded videos in 4K.

Force refreshing the same page doesn’t get rid of it.

I temporarily hid the loader with CSS for the meantime.
.vjs-loading-spinner { display: none !important;}


See the root issue on github: Buffer animation circle in video player never disappears on Chrome · Issue #5927 · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub


Thank you for fixing this in the latest update!!! It’s working perfectly now!