Can you stream via peertube

I am thinking about setting up my own instance on the US East Coast, and I was wondering if I can stream to it, like I would be able to with twitch or youtube.

I am really interested in setting one up, and I own a 3-char domain name, but I am trying to justify a purpose for myself to use it. I figure I will have to start hosting some of my own content to spread the word and get others to join.


Hi @Decobus!

I’m afraid we don’t support livestreaming as Twitch and YouTube, mainly because it implies a lot of technical changes/additions, and we want to focus on making regular video streaming work well before even thinking about moving on with livestreaming.

It might be worth the installation nevertheless, just to give it a try. It should be quite straightforward. As for the purpose, I find hosting videos and seeing them federate on other instances rewarding, but YMMV. And if you want to spread the word about you videos with friends that are not yet on PeerTube or Mastodon/Pleroma/other networks, there are always RSS feeds :blush:

A dirty implementation idea to keep compatibility with webtorrent :

  • set a chunk timesize (10s, 30s, 1minute…)
  • use a main object defining the tag/id used in every chunk
  • send a chunk as objet when it’s fully recorded and transcoded (it must be transcoded in less than the chunk timesize) (each chunk is sharable the same way a usual video and can use webtorrent for it).
  • if the autor want interact with live viewer, there will be a latency of at least chunk timesize (or chunk timesize x2) so use small chunk timesize is good for interact, but bad for server load.