Cannot save configuration in web interface

Hi all,

I’d like to update the configuration of my Peertube instance (3.1.0 - Docker) through admin interface, unfortunately, I get error message when I click on « Update configuration »:

Should have a valid torrents cache size.
Should have a valid transcoding concurrency number.
Should have a valid transcoding 1440p resolution enabled boolean.
Should have a valid import concurrency number.
Should have a valid default trending algorithm.
Should have a valid array of enabled trending algorithms.
Should have a valid transcoding 1440p resolution enabled boolean

Don’t know where to update these settings as instance looks running well.

Please could you check if you have the same keys defined in your default.yaml than

Checked and looks similar regarding the keys present in default.yml.

Anything else to check ?

Yes, production.yaml and local-production.json. local-production.json overrides production.yaml and production.yaml overrides default.yaml. But I don’t understand why your configuration is invalid, since non existing keys should default to the one in default.yaml.

Thanks for your precision.

So, I’ve updated some settings in local-production.json file and settings have been updated in admin interface after docker-compose down/up.

I tried to add

  "cache": {
    "torrents": {
      "size": 500

which was missing in this file (error Should have a valid torrents cache size.) but error is still present when I try to save configuration in WebUI.

I’ve downloaded the default.yaml you mentioned and diff with version I have on my machine: same file.

BTW, something I don’t understand:

In this screenshot, error message mentions something related to 1440p but I don’t have this resolution in the checkbox choice…

Okay I think I understand. Did you use -v option with docker-compose down when your upgraded peertube? See If no, the client build is still in old peertube version

And it works !!! Thank you !!!

I didn’t execute docker-compose down with the -v option during the last upgrade while it was written the documentation… missed that.

Sorry for wasting your time.

Again thank you !!!