Cannot watch videos on web?

Hi! I just installed PeerTube on Debian 9.4 via the apt repository/package. I got it set up proxied through nginx and it seems to be working just fine except that I cannot play videos in the web browser. I can upload videos, download videos directly, download the videos via torrents, everything except playing them. I have tried Chrome and Firefox on two computers, and verified I’m able to play videos from other PeerTube instances successfully. Having not set up a PeerTube instance before, I’m a bit lost as to where to begin troubleshooting this. I can see that the browser is making requests for video data and the server seems to be sending valid data in return (around 60mbit/s worth), the video just never starts playing. Can someone point me in a direction I should start looking in? The fact that I can access the videos just fine with two methods outside of browser streaming is leaving me scratching my head, having eliminated the obvious (to me) possibilities.

Thanks in advance,


Hello @gothroach

What versions of Firefox/Chrome have you tried it with? Could you show us the console logs of both when trying to play the video?