Can't figure out SMTP configuration for AWS

Hey folks,

I’ve tried quite a few variations of the Mobilizon.Web.Email.Mailer configuration, but I can’t get it to send messages using my AWS SMTP credentials.

(I know that the credentials are good; I know that the messages aren’t being sent at all (as opposed to being bounced.))

I can get it to work with Mailgun, but… I don’t want to use Mailgun, I want to use SES. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I think should be correct:

config :mobilizon, Mobilizon.Web.Email.Mailer,
    adapter: Swoosh.Adapters.SMTP,
    relay: ""
    port: 587,
    username: "redacted",
    password: "redacted",
    tls: :always,
    ssl: false,
    retries: 2,
    no_mx_lookups: false,
    auth: :always

I’d greatly appreciate any help!