Cant find login.component.html

Hello all,

I can’t find the file « login.component.html » on my server.
With Sudo rights I could not find anything with the command >>
find / -type f -name login.component.html

I would like to edit also the file and PeerTube/client/src/app/modal/quick-settings-modal.component.html.
The directory does not exist either.

This makes no sense to me why I can’t find it.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much in advance.

When you install Peertube on a production server, the client javascript is compiled and minified.

See Welcome to the contributing guide for PeerTube | PeerTube documentation for more information.

Where exactly is the file to edit this? I can’t find anything in the doc.

If I change the mentioned files before the installation, it should work then - I’ll try.

You have to compile Peertube from the source code. I don’t know your background, i can’t explain here how to do (it depends of your knowledge). Everything is documented on

Please also note that changing the Peertube source code is perhaps not the simpliest way to achieve what you want. There is a plugin system that could be more appropriate (depends of what you want to do).
You can also add custom CSS and/or Javascript directly from your instance settings page, and it could help for some little modifications.

Problem solved.
Under Peertube Configuration → Advanced simply hide Peertube text via css.
Thanks for the advice.