Can't Upload 350mb file

i gather this has historically been a bit of a problem, but i haven’t found a solution anywhere. i just tried uploading a video file that was 342 mb in size, and it just gets stuck. after a while, the bar will move over some more, but then it fails with « Your video file was too large (max. size: 8G) » my instance has 32 threads allowed to it, and 32 threads are set for transcoding. is this a bug?


Ensure your nginx configuration is up to date with our latest template: PeerTube/support/nginx/peertube at develop · Chocobozzz/PeerTube · GitHub

it seems there are several components on this situation that are in need of an update. i am not only new to peertube, i am new to the entirety of linux, so bear with me a little.

i can’t just go update peertube my executing a scrypt, eh? because when i try, it says there are some dependencies that are below the minimum version. for example node. so do i go through and update the dependencies from top to bottom first? and then execute the update script for peertube?

ok. i updated peertube to 6.1 using the update scripts, and as part of that also ran your nginx configuraiton update script:

cd /var/www/peertube/versions
diff -u "$(ls -t | head -2 | tail -1)/support/nginx/peertube" "$(ls -t | head -1)/support/nginx/peertube"

the behavior persists. 140 mb files exhibit the same behavior. goes to about 8% and grinds to a halt. after about 5-10 minute the upload seems to finish, but at the very end the upload bar turns red with « Your video file was too large »

p.s. sometimes spamming the « retry » button seems to eventually succeed. but for some it doesn’t.

This is not an update script, this is only a command line that shows you if there are differences between the two last nginx config files. You then have to report them manually.
If you did some upgrades without checking this, you could have some missing configuration (as it only compare the 2 last versions).

As said by Chocobozzz, you should compare the last available nginx config with your configuration file, and update it accordingly.
If there are too many differences, and you had the official nginx file (without any customization), you can just apply again the webservice installation guide (copy the template, then run the two sed commands)

hey john,
thanks for clarifying. one day i’ll be a linux ninja and i won’t need clarification on these simple matters.
after i update peertube to the 6.1 version, and then run the copy template script, i should have the latest configuration of nginx, right? is that what choco was referring to when he said to make sure my configuration is up to date?

ok. i have done the above:

  1. upgraded peertube to 6.1.0
  2. executed the script to copy the nginx config from « peertube latest »
  3. ran both of the sed commands

the behavior remains the same, except now it doesn’t wait as long to say the file is too large. even a 150 mb file basically fails instantly with « file too large »


Can you copy the content of your nginx configuration file?
Can you check what is the error in your browser console (F12 to open it).
Have you any error log on Peertube? (you can get them using the admin web interface).

how much of the browser console would you like to see? there doesn’t seem to be too much in it:

the admin console says « no log ».

And can you copy your nginx config file?

Just to be sure, have you reloaded or restarted nginx after modifying it?