Can't work with Sendgrid

I am trying to link with Sendgrid by referring to the page below, but the email is not sent.
What should I do?

# SMTP server to send emails
  # smtp or sendmail
  transport: smtp
  # Path to sendmail command. Required if you use sendmail transport
  sendmail: null
  hostname: ''
  port: 587 # If you use StartTLS: 587
  username: 'apikey'
  password: 'SG~'
  tls: true # If you use StartTLS: false
  disable_starttls: false
  ca_file: null # Used for self signed certificates
  from_address: ''

    signature: 'PeerTube'
    prefix: '[PeerTube]'

I was able to solve it by changing tls: true to tls: false.

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