"Captcha wasn't filled" message

Hello, I was recently alerted that attempts to sign up on my instance are being met with « captcha wasn’t filled, » and was indeed able to confirm this is the case. Based on another, older, similar thread (I'm getting "Captcha wasn't filled" but not seeing any?) I’m assuming this is some sort of compatibility issue. Is there any way I can confirm this? Is there a way to vet any future plugins I may wish to add? Is there an official captcha plugin, and if not what’s the best way to help slow down bots who wish to sign up on my instance? Thanks in advance. For additional context, my instance is https://apteratube.net and I’m currently using/having issues with the hcaptcha plugin from Rigel Kent (forum will only let me post two links).


Do you still need the captcha plugin with [registration approval] feature introduced in peertube 5.1? Manage Users & Auth | PeerTube documentation

Hi! Sorry, I just saw this. I’m not sure how I forgot to follow up on this for months at a time, but here we are.

Ideally I would prefer it if there was some kind of balance between manually approving each signup and free-range « let the bots in at will » - like a CAPTCHA - but I suppose this will work for now. My main goal is simply to slow down abusive users.