Change login page to only show SAML

Hi all,

I finally got my Peertube instance running, but I have a small issue that I would like to resolve.

I want to change the login page to have two buttons, one for the « normal » login and one for the « Saml2 » login.
The normal login should be hidden for UX reasons.

I can find the HTML files on Github but not on my active instance, so I was wondering if it even is possible to do that?

Could that be solved by creating a theme?
I really hope this is not a stupid question as I did my research but couldn’t find any related topic.


I guess that you are using the auth-saml2 plugin?
The easiest way is to make a pull request to the plugin author with an option to hide the standard login button. Or to fork the plugin.

You can always rebuild the frontend with your modifications, but you would have to do that for each upgrade. It is normal that you cannot see it on your instance, since once compiled the HTML is generated by Angular.

Thanks for all the answers, so one solution would be to clone the Github repository do my changes and then use that version?

Is there another way to go?

You can easily hide the login form using CSS

Maybe you got me wrong, I want to have the following setup:
Login Page with 2 buttons, one for Saml2(normal users) and another one for the normal login(for admins)
Another solution would be to have only the Saml2 login on this page and the normal login somewhere hidden for admins.

So I don’t want to remove the login completely.

Now I don’t think I can do this with CSS only or am I wrong?

Thanks for the support so far!

You can hide the form using CSS, and use JS to display it if the URL as a special query param/hash I think.