Change user passwords?

The button for changing one’s own password seems to be disabled (for an admin account)
EDIT: this also seems true for non-admin accounts, see image

and I don’t seem to be able to change other user passwords (for admin accounts?)
EDIT: also, no password reset option for admins for user accounts

The password reset for the command line created accounts also doesn’t seem to work. (no email seems to be sent)
The password reset works for non-admin accounts, fine (and email is working), but not admin accounts.

How is this meant to be navigated? Is this a bug or intentional?

Thank you! Excited about this platform :slight_smile:

I managed to get this working by deleting the accounts and re-creating them but it didn’t resolve the inability to change admin account passwords or otherwise support users with changing their passwords.

Not sure this will help you, but when loggin in, users can say « I forget my password » and receive a link to reset it. That saves doing it as an admin task.

I did find that the admin account wasn’t receiving the emails because DKIM and SPF records weren’t properly configured so gmail was rejecting, but other emails were receiving - this allowed me to properly use the password reset feature.

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