Channel abo and comment

Hi i havea new peertube and user on my platform cannot get a comment or a abo for the channels or videos ! how can i activate this ?

so users cannot comment on my local videos, the users are regisred on the server.

Have you enabled comments in video properties?

yes, thats my platform
and users cannot follow a channel

You have a theme or a plugin that hides these buttons.

Here is an sample of your instance’s CSS:

.video-actions[_ngcontent-xby-c167]    .action-button:after {

This hide most of the action buttons.
And don’t know which theme or plugin is responsible, it seems you have a lot of them installed.

ah ok i will try this, but yes i have installed 5 themes , so i will remove them and come back to the default theme,

how can i enable the default theme again ? i have removed all but in the theme option i nothing, i cannot save the config.

NOW, i have removed all plugins and themes, and the comment section and abo button shows again :slight_smile:
i have to figure out witch plugin are so stupit to disable the abo and comment section.

But there is one thing, i have no theme installed and cannot save the server config:

Incorrect request parameters: theme.default