Chatbot Update?

  1. I’ve been streaming on an instance I don’t admin ( that I really love and want to prosper. But I can’t seem to access my chat admin at all–the drop down menu doesn’t have a « Configure » option. Is this because I am not the administrator of the Instance? Are those tools not available to people who want to stream on an Instance they don’t administer?

  2. Chat doesn’t seem to want to embed on my website, either, while other iFrame coding seem works just fine. I have tried to copy and paste the iFrame embed numerous times, and it never seems to work. I can get my Ko-fi donation iFrame embed to work, but no the chat.

  3. Tonight I had someone show up to the instance to watch my stream and they couldn’t even sign in to chat at all even anonymously with a nickname. I didn’t even know they were there and they had to leave a message in the comments, which I didn’t discover until much later…

I guess my ultimate question is should I be looking for chat alternatives in the short term until new iterations and updates of chat develop? Because this is unworkable…

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Are you talking about this menu:

Indeed, it could be a bug, that i have only recently become aware of (seems that only instance’s admins and moderators have access to this option)

What kind of configuration do you want to do?

For the record, the livechat plugin is not up-to-date on this instance (v7.2.2, v8.0.2 is out).
So the new chatbot feature is not available yet on this instance.

I think this is related to point 3. See below.

This instance disabled chat for anonymous users.
I can tell, by looking at the content of: . The chat-no-anonymous: true part.
This feature was done in a hurry, to help an instance who was under attack. Users that are not connected won’t see the chat, and nothing tells them there is a chat.
I have to clean this. It is on the roadmap. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Maybe ask the instance admins if they can change this settings?

I also notice this settings: federation-no-remote-chat: true. This means that admins have disabled the possibility to join chat from a remote instance. Maybe ask them also why they made this choice, and if they can change this.

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OH, my goodness–Answers!!! Thank you!! I am so relieved to know!!! All of this helps immensely!

If you say the Configuration option is just for Admins right now, that solves that question. I don’t know how I want it configured–I haven’t even been able to see what options there are… Being able to upload a list of banned words could be convenient in the short term, being able to assign a moderator would be useful in the long run. But perhaps that’s a feature I just need to wait for.

It could be helpful, though, for users to see in the PeerTube guide online that these features are only for system admins, not member streamers. I signed on to PeerTube thinking I could do these things but if that’s not the case it would have been better to know beforehand.

Please note that in the « Details » pop-up window, it says « No Password Required » and « Anyone can join this chat », which seems inaccurate…

I’ll definitely contact my admin about the chatbot update. He’s a busy guy (as we all are) and I’m sure it simply hasn’t been a priority for him just yet. Thank you SO MUCH for your help. I truly appreciate it!

That’s the difference between GAFAM and us: things are a slower, but we are joinable :slight_smile:

This features comes with the v8.0.0 of the plugin, and will work for you:

You can already do this, even without being admin.
The easier way is to type /op nickname in the chatbox, where nickname is the user to promote.
This is not permanent. You can do it permanently using the top-menu, but these screen are not easy to use.
In a future version, i will add per-channel settings to permanently promote users as moderators.

Note: you can type /help to have a list of available action:

There will be many improvement. I just found the sponsorship to work on (this is always the most difficult part…).

The livechat plugin is not part of Peertube yet. It has his own documentation website:

I began to put some links to this documentation in the plugin (you may see some « question marks » button above the chat for example).

Concerning the « admin vs users » thing, i admit i did not test very well the plugin behaviour for non-admin users. But i plan to simplify many features, and to smooth the experience for these 2 use cases.

You are right. This popup is part of ConverseJS, the front-end software I use. Many info in this popup are useless (or wrong) for the livechat use case. I have to clean this.

It is just one click, should not take too long.
Thanks for your feedbacks.