Chocobozzz was very unhelpful today

I spent about 9 hours working on setting up my PeerTube instance on Arch Linux. When I encountered an error, Chocobozzz simply told me to read the documentation and closed the issue, 6 minutes after I reported it.

I really want to support PeerTube as I am personally aiming to boycott all of Google services. I am very experienced with the Linux command line and I have a strong interest in system administration.

If the maintainer of the PeerTube repository is going to brush me off as if I am an idiot, then he/she is pushing people away from the project and it will eventually die.

Further, there does not seem to be an obvious place, such as an IRC channel, where I could go to get additional advice on solving this particular problem. If there is one, please let me know which network it is in.

I hope that somebody will help in solving this issue so that I can show off my PeerTube server to all my friends.

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Hi @ajhlinuxuser

The IRC channel is at #peertube on Note that it is listed on the README, along with a Matrix channel:

Closing an issue is not “brushing you off” nor closing the conversation. Sorry if it hurt you, but that’s not the intent there. Your issue is broad and common enough so that pointing to the documentation usually solves the issue, and so we did. In case you have more trouble, which seems to be the case with your lack of bcrypt, then just add it to the issue and we will reopen and investigate.


Per my original report, it is not the lack of ‘bcrypt’ or the many other modules which is the problem, it is that they are not being installed automatically. I installed them myself, but further errors continued once I had manually installed all the reported missing modules.

The reason I am expecting them to be installed automatically is that your and instructions don’t have a single npm install ... command.

If this is a “broad and common” issue, perhaps it would be intelligent to have a special cautionary note somewhere to advise the administrator what went wrong and how to repair it.

Alright, I figured out the problem.

As I reported in the Github issue, I had missed a command “yarn …” and that was because of the way the documentation was written. Every command had “sudo …” in front of it which I wasn’t using under Arch Linux. As such, while visually ignoring the sudo arguments, I missed the entire command. I finally ran it, and still had issues.

So I have found out (while trying to repeat a full install on Ubuntu) that it was the failure to properly run this same command that caused the final problem: I ran it in the top level of the home directory for user peertube instead of inside the peertube-latest/ folder. Once I had run it inside the folder, errors relating to node.js modules were solved.

I still haven’t got things working, but I am really in disbelief about the lack of supportive people, first with Chocobozz at Github, @rigelk who says that it is a broad and common issue but offered no further remarks. The Freenode IRC channel has been the only helpful resource so far, but the members there were only able to tell me not to use Arch Linux, and to use an OS that they had successfully used – even though the documentation exists for Arch.

If I can finally get PeerTube working - instead of having to look for other projects which have more helpful people - I will try my best to help other administrators to get this installed on their systems.

@ajhlinuxuser I’ve got it working on Ubuntu. Took me a bit of head scratching and loads of patience but I got there. Drop me a message if you’d like to collaborate on getting your instance running, maybe after that we can do a joint idiots guide together for Ubuntu’ers. :slight_smile:

What it think of this from my experience of manager of a dev support team in a (prioprietary) software company and my former experience of developer.
Chocobozz as developer should be preserved from direct hot support case, but instead have cold cases that were already analyzed by intermediate people. Being interrupted in a dev work is well known to require a lot of more time to be able to focus again on the dev details. This is source of frustration and emotionaly difficult.
Sometimes intermediates have a better knowledge of deployments issues because being a heavy user of a sotware is not the same thing as being his developer.

So we as user and supporter of peertube have to help chocobozz ( and rigelk too ? ) to not be directly exposed, then helping this project to not exhaust creators and not piss off users and maintainers.

Peertube community should be wider and we all should take part of it maintenance. From my peertube installation knwoledge i agree that this is complicated to enter in that project, and anybody who do it should be proud of it.

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