Clarification on streaming_playlists and web_videos folders?

Hello, I have a few questions regarding object storage buckets for PeerTube:

  1. Is it required to have 2 different buckets for streaming_playlists and web_videos or can I use one bucket for both? If I can use one bucket for both, is there a benefit or any downsides to having two buckets compared to one?
  2. What are these folders for exactly? Is streaming_playlists for anything that gets transcoded and web_videos for the source/original files?
  3. Are the cached « redundancy » videos from remote instances still stored locally on the server or are those stored in either of these folders?



No downsides it’s just the way you want to organize your objects in your object storage provider.

streaming_playlists are for HLS files (fragmented mp4, m3u8…) and web_videos for videos injected directly in the DOM (see

They are still stored locally

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Thank you, that all makes sense and I appreciate the link to the documentation.