Clear Instructions for uploading Video Please šŸ˜­

when i try to upload video one tab and went to another tab and the video stopped being uploaded can anyone how to upload the video in this

i mean the clear instructions like should i stay in tab or should i have to wait until it is being uploaded ???
Even i have stayed in that tab and seeing that video to upload but it stopped because as there is no movement in my system means i have left the pc like that so i didnt moved my mouse or keyboard also it stoppedā€¦

Please Say How much Time it takes to complete for the Transcoding of an 2gb Video
Please say me about thisā€¦ :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

So Can anyone Please help me how to upload videos in this instances clearly Pleaseā€¦

as I said on the other topic:
You have to wait for the upload to finish. Once the upload is finish, the Ā« publish Ā» button on the bottom of the form will become available. Once you submit the form, you can close the tab, even if the transcoding is still running. The transcoding is done on the server side.