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I came across PeerTube when searching for a self-hosted « YouTube » style website solution.

From what I understand it shares videos between different peers. But as I want a solution that is private for my family only I was wondering if I can ensure everything stays local and doesn’t get hosted elsewhere? I basically don’t want private family videos out there hosted on someone elses server.

Is this possible?



Yes this is possible. You can disable P2P and federation to keep your instance private.

You also have the « Internal » video privacy option so the internal video uploaded is only accessible to authenticated users of your instance.

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Hi @Chocobozzz

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have set the following in the production.yaml…

# Enable P2P by default in PeerTube client
# Can be enabled/disabled by anonymous users and logged in users
enabled: false

# Some federated software such as Mastodon may require an HTTP signature to access content
sign_federated_fetches: false

federate_unlisted: true


Are these the settings you are referring to? And have I set them correctly? I note it says for P2P:
« Can be enabled/disabled by anonymous users and logged in users »

Can I set what types of « privacy » options are available to users so they can’t set them public?

Thank you.